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Floating Rib Stick GLOW


Includes 3 per pack.


This truly unique lure will change your mind about how you fish at night or very early in the morning.  This lure is very much like the Floating Rib Stick with one very big difference.  IT GLOWS! This lure will work great at night or you can put a weight on it to have it sink in deeper water.  Water starts to change color at 6 feet, so even if you are fishing during the day you can still effectively use this lure.  This lure allows the fish to see it which gives you more of a chance of catching it.

This floating  rubber will make you fish this bait many ways.  You can use this lure as a top water or bottom fishing lure.  The rubber that we use to design our lures is very flexible but also really strong.

It’s floating action means it will also rise straight up.  Designed to give tremendous life-like action that mimics something alive.  Combined with an active tail section this lure constantly makes vibrations in the water which attracts fish to it.  This lure also has a ribbed back which adds more displacement of water.

The Floating Rib Stick Glow is ideal for Texas Rig or Carolina Rig configurations.  We have also had a lot of success with pitching, wacky rigging, drop shot and shakey head.

This specific lure is our Floating Rib Stick Glow.  The Floating Rib Stick Glow mentioned or displayed here all come with 3 lures per pack.  The lures are 5” and weighs approx 5.75 grams. This lure is MADE in USA!

We also offer this unique lure in 3 additional colors.  More on that can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Color: Frost – Glows in the Dark
Size: 5”
Weight: 5.75 grams
Contents: 3 per pack